The internet is becoming more restricted in some parts of the world. Sites that you were once able to access may now be blocked. The answer to this is VPNs, which are also freely available. However, there are so many out there that you might end up downloading one that does more harm than good.

Well, that’s where we come in. We at the Best VPN site want to help you find the most effective, fastest VPN. We review thousands of VPNs to pen our reviews. By doing this, we ensure that our articles are comprehensive and unbiased.

Our Mission

We have slowly become well-known in the VPN review world and have been in the game since 2016. Our sole mission is to help our readers find the best VPNs. There are many malicious programs out there, and our goal is to ensure that you steer clear of these. For example, take Pirate Chick. This was a malicious software that masqueraded as a VPN. A large number of people fell for the scam, and many individuals had their devices wrecked by this software.  

Even “safer” VPNs like Hola were scamming people. Many users were shocked to learn that the company was selling user logs and barely encrypting connections. You don’t have to be an online security expert to know that this is a huge red flag.  

Let’s get a little more personal – we’re located in the UK. Our headquarters are in Liverpool and we work with part-timers all over the world. We have correspondents in the UAE and China. These two countries have a number of internet restrictions in place, so they’re the perfect places to test out VPNs. As of now, our team consists of two members from China and one from the UAE.

Our goal is to become the leading name in the world of VPN reviews. We believe that we’re slowly getting there, but no matter how large, we promise to always deliver trustworthy guides.

Who Is Our Founder?

David Patel is our fearless leader. Born in Essex to immigrant parents, he has had a love affair with tech since he was a child. This led him to pursue a career in the computer industry. He completed his Bachelors’ degree in Computer Science at the University of Liverpool and did his Masters in Data Science and Intelligence at the same university.

He spent much of his career as a data analyst at Unilever and now spends his time reviewing something that has always intrigued him – VPNs. Did we mention that he’s a major coffee lover too?

Our site started off as a side project but it’s slowly becoming a full-time job. We’re hopeful that as it grows, it will become the main focus in our lives.

Meet the Team

Excluding our founder, there are five of us running the Best VPN site. This includes our head of research, editor, two writers, and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Combined, we have 40 years in the tech industry, as well as a passion for internet security and VPNs.

David Patel (Founder)

David is the brains behind everything. He oversees all our projects and also works on articles.

Andrew Cheng (Editor)

Andrew Cheng is a consumer technology journalist. He’s our editor and has written a few guides as well. He’s worked at Yahoo! News as well as Forbes. Andrew is a journalist with a decade of experience. Throughout his career, he’s worked on many pieces about VPNs and internet security. He and our founder, David, were childhood friends.

Michael Cheng (Head of Research)

Michael Cheng is also a consumer technology writer. He has been in the game for 8 years and has worked at Forbes, as well as PC Mag and Wired. He is responsible for all the research that goes into our reviews. He has uncovered a wide range of issues and controversies on rather well-known VPNs, such as the NordVPN hacking incident.

Michael is Andrew’s brother and has been a long-time friend of the founder as well. Like his brother, he has written countless articles on VPNs and internet security throughout his career. Michael claims to be the biggest VPN expert on our team!

James Ludwick & Thomas Green (Writers)

James and Thomas are our site’s writers and both hold English degrees. James received his from the University of York, while Thomas received his from the University of Cambridge. They’ve written several tech articles throughout their careers.

Combined, they have 12 years of experience. James was part of PC Mag, while Thomas was a resident creator at The Metro.

Like the others on our team, they are tech-savvy and have a love affair with the internet. They work hand-in-hand with the rest of our team and produce the vast majority of our content.

Andrew Da Silva (Chief Technology Officer)

Andrew is in charge of testing our VPNs as well as finding new ways to assess them. He’s also one of our founder’s friends, having met at university.

Andrew is a serious web developer and has created some of his own VPNs. Not only does he hold a degree in Computer Science, but he also has a Masters in Software Development. He’s been in the industry for 10 years and is responsible for giving our founder the idea for this site!

How Do We Test VPNs?

Now that you’re familiar with the team behind the reviews, you might be wondering how we test out VPNs. We’ve already touched on how we review VPNs indepth, but let’s summarize it.

We Buy Them

The first thing we do is we buy the VPNs. We’ve been offered free subscriptions, but we don’t take them up as this would lead to unconscious bias. We have a separate account for payments, and we recently spent almost $3000 on subscriptions. We don’t just buy a VPN – we keep purchasing it to see how it lasts in the long run.

We Test Them on Devices

The best review sites test virtual private networks on as many devices as possible. That’s what we are, and we have a range of tech available. We try this software on our:

  • Apple TV
  • Samsung S9
  • iPhone XR
  • Lenovo Yoga C470
  • Amazon Fire Stick

We’re always looking for new devices to try VPNs on. We’ve just purchased some Linux tech! Of course, we test the programs on each device multiple times. This ensures reliability.

We Get Our Testers to Try Them

China has some of the most severe restrictions in the world. Their “Great Firewall” has censored much of the internet and restricted access to Facebook and Twitter. If you consider how VPNs work, you’d know that you can channel your IP away from China and bypass its blocks. However, not all VPNs work like this. The country has been coming down heavily on them.

Our part-time testers in the nation test out VPNs, to see how they work on local government levels. We also have our tester from Dubai check the programs out – the country has also restricted its internet.

We Check Geo-Blocks

Not only have certain countries restricted sites, but some sites have restricted countries too! We test sites that are generally blocked, to see which VPNs work on them. We especially do this for streaming services as they are notorious for blocking certain countries due to licensing agreements.

We also check geo-blocks for torrenting sites. Pirating is illegal in many parts of the world, which is why sites like Pirate Bay have been shut down so many times. We concluded that ExpressVPN is powerful enough to bypass China’s “Great Firewall” and can be used to access the Pirate Bay.

We Research Them  

We thoroughly research every private network we review. Although all VPNs promise no-logging policies, a lot of these claims have been proven untrue. IPVanish promised its users that there would be no tracking of user data, yet handed over user files to the FBI. Several VPNs also sell users’ data, even bandwidth!

We Check Fast They Are  

We have an entire article on how to review a VPN’s speed. To sum things up, all VPNs slow your connection down. This isn’t surprising as your data is encrypted and channeled to a server in a different country. The best VPNs slow it down the least, however. To check this, you’ll have to use a speed test tool.

To find out how fast a server is, we compare the results to our connection without a VPN. We then find the percentage decrease between the two.

Final Thoughts

We aim to provide our readers with reliable, comprehensive reviews on the world of VPNs. With this information in hand, you can become better informed about how to protect your privacy online, as well learn how to bypass geo-blocks in your country.

Furthermore, we hope to become the leading VPN review site. We hope you enjoy what we do and continue to stand by us!