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strong vpn reviewStrong VPN is one of the oldest VPN service providers on the market today. Established in 1995 as an Internet services provider, the company prides in its solid reputation that has been built over several years of providing quality Internet services to users.

Understandably, searching the market for a reliable VPN service provider can be a dilemma for many Internet users. Strong VPN has a number of strong points that clearly differentiate it from the competition, including fast connections, reliable service, server flexibility, unparalleled customer service culture, and a strong company reputation, among others. Based in the United States, Strong VPN has one of the largest VPN server networks of any VPN service providers.

Features of the Strong VPN service

Plans – Strong VPN offers up to seven packages based on the number of VPN servers you can access. The Lite PPTP package gives you access to 142 servers within the United States only at $7 per month. Next is the Standard PPTP package that allows switching between 152 servers within the United States for only $12 per month. The next package is the Deluxe PPTP that allows access to 215 servers in 18 countries. Lite Open allows switching between 231 servers in the United States only, while the Standard Open increases the number of servers to 244 but within the U.S still. The Deluxe Open and Premium plans are for the frequent travelers as they allow connection to 353 servers in 19 countries and 359 servers in 20 countries respectively. This server collection is definitely hard to beat, but the most important part of these plans is that you only pay for what you use as you pay for a package that is bundled into the server you’re connecting to.

Features – Strong VPN offers both static and dynamic IPs on OpenVPN and PPTP servers respectively. Bandwidth is unlimited and peer-to-peer communications are allowed. Encryption strength provided is 128-bit and 128-bit 2048 on OpenVPN.

Server Locations – Again, Strong VPN is hard to beat when it comes to server options. In the United States alone, the company has more than 240 servers in several locations. In total, Strong VPN has more than 350 servers in 20 countries, including UK, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Malaysia, and Japan, among others.

Protocols and Compatibility – Strong VPN supports almost all available VPN protocols, including PPTP, L2TP/IPSec, Open VPN, and SSTP. When connecting from a desktop or laptop, OpenVPN offers the best security. For mobile Internet access via the iPad, iPhone, or an Android device, PPTP provides the easiest connection.

For the connection interface, the service uses the standard OpenVPN application in its unmodified format. You need admin credentials to open it for Windows users and for each new session, you have to enter the login details as the password cannot be saved. Also, with every session, you have to select a server to connect to.

Reliability – As one of the oldest VPN providers around, Strong VPN offers one of the most reliable VPN connections of any provider. In fact, reliability seems to be one of Strong VPN’s standout features, thanks to its excellent server network.


Without a doubt, Strong VPN lives up to its reputation of being one of the largest VPN service providers you can find. With more than 350 servers across the globe, you’re guaranteed a fast and reliable service when trotting around the world.

The service is run by a large, highly reputable Internet Service Provider with a reputation to protect, so you can expect that they will go a long way in giving a good service to protect their reputation. They offer great customer support and the connection is easy to set up.

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