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purevpn reviewInternet users enlist VPN services for a range of reasons. Some people’s only need is security while others are more concerned about their online privacy while downloading or going on about with their usual online work. However, while most VPN services provide some level of security and privacy, not all services are created equal in terms of connection speeds and reliability.

When speed and reliability are your top-most concerns, consider a subscription to PureVPN. This service is one of the best VPN providers based primarily on speed and reliability of their VPN servers. The impeccable quality is capped with superior customer support to offer value for money to users. PureVPN caters both to personal and corporate customers. Below are the details of the PureVPN service offerings.


PureVPN offers three attractive plans (packages) to its users – Standard, PureGold, and Unlimited. The Standard plan comes with 30GB of downloads per month at $74.95 per year. The package offers unrestricted speeds, free server switching, shared IPs, and support for three VPN protocols.

The PureGold package comes with identical features as the Standard package, but it offers both shared and dedicated IPs at $145 per year.

The Unlimited offer also offers pretty much similar features as PureGold, but it only has shared IPs and the monthly data downloads are unlimited, making it the most expensive of the three packages at $160 a year.

If you want, you can pay your subscription on monthly basis, but you’ll normally end up paying a little more at the end of the year than you would if you paid a year’s subscription upfront.

Server Locations

PureVPN has 50 VPN servers in several countries around the world. There are servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, France, German, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Panama, Russia, Sweden, Singapore, Turkey, and Switzerland. Obviously, this is one of the largest VPN server distributions for a VPN service provider and this guarantees reliable service when roaming the world. Pure VPN servers are extremely fast and this is an important mark of quality for this VPN service. Even if a service has the best security and offers the highest privacy, not many people will use it if its connections are slow. 

Protocols and Compatibility

PureVPN supports L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and SSTP protocols, enabling users meet their unique security and privacy needs. The SSTP protocol particularly caters to users in countries with heavy Internet censorship, such as China and several Middle-Eastern countries. In these counties, access via PPTP is usually blocked too, so SSTP becomes a viable solution.

Compatible operating systems include Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux. In addition, support is extended for many mobile devices via the PPTP protocol.

Setting up the service on Windows, Linux, or Mac is a straightforward process. Basically, installation follows the standard installation process as all other applications. So if you can install a basic application on your system, then you can set up Pure VPN seamlessly. The connection dashboard is pretty easy to use as well. You simply select the protocol you want to use as well as the server from a dropdown list for each feature respectively. Once the server and protocol are select, you authenticate the connection by entering your login information and that is it.


If you’re looking for the fastest way to browse the Internet securely and privately, then PureVPN is the VPN service you want to subscribe to. Get a new IP for any of the server location countries to avoid being trailed online. Moreover, you can choose the comfort of a dedicated IP on the PureGold package. You will also avoid being monitored by your Internet Service Provider through the 128-bit encryption provided by PureVPN.

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