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ip vanish vpn reviewThere is a multitude of VPN services to choose from when searching for a VPN provider. Some offer free services but the majority are subscription based. Evidently, paid services offer a better service generally. So if you’re serious about protecting the integrity of your data online, you should look for a paid service.

IPVanish is a VPN service provider that was founded on the background of an Internet services company with more than 15 years experience in the field. The company delivers one of the finest VPN services you can find on the market, with amazingly fast speeds, highly secure connections, impeccable support, and a competitive pricing model.

IPVanish prides itself in the vast experience of its team in the area of secure content delivery. The team has over 10 years experience in safely moving large amounts of information over the Internet. The following is their service description.


IPVanish really shines when it comes to speed and reliability of its connections. The basic package is a $10 per month account that is unlimited, and the 3 months package is offered at $26.99. The one year package comes at $77.99 and it works out as the cheapest monthly offer at $6.49 only. On top of that, IPVanish offers unmatched technical support via live chat or email, 5 days a week during US working hours.

Server Locations

You can only enjoy the true freedom of a VPN service if you are able to select any IP address from a location of your choice. A VPN service provider must have several VPN server options in order to be able to offer its users the freedom of freely selecting IPs.

IPVanish excels in this area, with VPN servers in more than 41 countries around the world, including the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Austria, Denmark, India, Hungary, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, south Korea, and Sweden, among others. This means that you can freely switch from a UK IP to a US IP or Germany IP or any other country of your choice in a matter of minutes.

Protocols and Compatibility

IPVanish supports L2TP, OpenVPN, and PPTP protocols. Their VPN client software is very easy to set up for each of the aforementioned protocols. When you subscribe to any of the plans, you get free client software for a compatible system. Systems supported include Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and a host of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android-based devices. Each of these systems has its own client software that you can easily setup to connect your VPN service.

IPVanish also allows users to have two simultaneous connections using two protocols, such as OpenVPN and L2TP or PPTP. When you have very sensitive information to exchange online, then OpenVPN is the best protocol to use because it provides the most secure connections.

In addition to the above features, IPVanish offers unlimited bandwidth for all its packages, shared, dynamic IPs, 128-bit encryption, and allows peer-to-peer communications as well.

Why Choose IPVanish VPN?

As earlier mentioned, IPVanish has a team of highly experienced individuals that know what it takes to deliver quality Internet services. Connecting to the Internet through their VPN service empowers you to do anything you want online with absolute freedom and peace of mind, provided it is legal. You can take charge of the location of your IP as you please, safely manage your information online, prevent unsolicited marketing, and protect your information and data at public Wi-Fi spots.


If you’re looking for an amazingly fast VPN connection, look no further than IPVanish. They own their VPN servers and therefore, they have much control over the quality of their network, enabling them to optimize it to give better value to their users.

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