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express vpn reviewExpressVPN is one of the best-rated VPN services around. Choosing a VPN service can be hard especially now that there are quite a number. However, ExpressVPN fully understand users’ online needs for privacy, security, and anonymity and offers packages that suit every type of user need and budget. ExpressVPN particularly excels in the provision of highly secure connections, reliability, performance (speed), and affordability. However, most users say that the VPN provider can do much better with their support services. Nonetheless, that doesn’t take anything away from the excellent features that the service offers.

Here is what ExpressVPN offers in details:

Plans Offered

There are three plans offered by ExpressVPN. The one year subscription comes at $8.32 or $99.95 in a single billing while the 6 months subscription is offered at $9.99 or 59.95 in one billing. The monthly subscription comes at $12.95 billed every month. No matter what plan you buy, you can always cancel it anytime you deem fit. What’s more, every subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee to protect your money, so you really have all assurances when purchasing a subscription from ExpressVPN.

Also, you can have multiple machines setup with the ExpressVPN client but only one will be actively using the VPN account. Another account would be needed to connect another machine as required by need.


ExpressVPN offers PPTP and OpenVPN protocols to that automatically encrypt all your transmitted data over the Internet. New users are setup on OpenVPN by default, which simply entails installation and configuration of the OpenVPN client. You need administrator privileges if you’re using Windows. Alternatively, your account can be setup on the PPTP protocol that is pretty straightforward to setup and provides reasonable online security.

These two protocols provide data confidentiality to ensure that your sensitive information is safe from snoopers and other devious individuals online, in addition to protecting you from malware and a host of other Internet threats.

ExpressVPN works on all major systems as well as Android and iPhone for the mobile platform. There’s an easy-to-use Android app that simply lets you choose the server you want to connect to and you’ll be securely connected online. For iPhone users, you can run auto-config from Safari to setup the account.


ExpressVPN has VPN servers in the U.S., Canada, U.K, Netherlands, Germany, and Hong Kong. With these server options, you can switch between servers in different locations in the U.S. for instance, or you can switch from a server from one country to a server in another country when you travel. This allows you to bypass restricted websites based on country IPs and it also allows access to restricted content. For instance, if you’re traveling from the U.S. to Germany and want to access U.S. localized media content on Netflix, you  simply connect to a VPN server in Germany that assigns you a U.S. IP that allows you easy access to Netflix, for instance.

Customer Support

ExpressVPN provides good customer support for its users through live chat, email, phone, and a ticket system. Truthfully, a few customers have had issues with the company’s support systems but largely, the support offered is satisfactory and the company is always striving to improve.

As ExpressVPN is still a growing company, they don’t offer many added features compared with other top-rated VPN providers. Their selection of VPN protocols is also still small (only two). Nonetheless, the company offers affordable packages and a reliable service for basic users who want privacy and a certain degree of security while going about with their online work. It is recommended for users whose major concern is price, privacy.

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