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cyberghost vpn reviewDid you know that once you get online, there are people out there who set out to track most (if not all) your activities? The truth is one you step on a website, you leave a trail of pertinent information that opportunistic and unscrupulous individuals are ready to pounce on. Thanks to Cyberghost VPN, you can now freely and comfortably do whatever you want without worrying about being followed, provided it is legal. For instance, Internet users that download a lot of content usually prefer doing so anonymously. Only a trusted VPN service such as Cyberghost can guarantee 100 percent anonymity and privacy, among other benefits.

Using Cyberghost VPN, you can browse the Web with total peace of mind. The service conceals your IP by assigning you a dynamic or dedicated IP address so that no one would be able to trace you by IP address.

Here are other features of the service:


Cyberghost VPN offers three types of packages (or plans) – Free, Premium, and Premium Plus. Of course, the Free package is very limited in features and can only be used on one machine at ago.

The Premium package comes at €29.99 per year or €4.99 per month. With this package, you get unlimited bandwidth but you’ll only be able to connect one device. You can choose Open VPN protocol, L2TP/IPSec, or PPTP protocol. The premium Plus package is for users who want to enjoy unlimited freedom online as it offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic, and access to VIP servers. You can also connect up to 5 devices with your Premium Plus account that is offered at €49.99 per year or €7.99 per month.


Cyberghost VPN has over 200 servers in twenty countries across Europe, North America, and Asia, with 28 servers in the U.S. alone and 11 servers in the UK. Other countries with a large collection of Cyberghost servers include Norway (10), Netherlands (25 servers), Germany (56 servers), and Spain (25 servers), among others. With this large server network, users can easily hop between servers as is convenient to them without extra charges.


There are three main VPN protocols offered with the Premium and Premium Plus accounts. OpenVPN offers ultimate protection and privacy for those users that exchange huge amounts of private data online such as banking information.

L2TP/IPSec protocol not only offers top-notch data confidentiality but also goes further to provide integrity by offering both user and machine authentication. So if you want extra protection and security for sensitive data, L2TP/IPSec is a good choice of protocol.

In addition to the above features, Cyberghost’s client software is easy and straightforward to install and setup. Once you install the client, you simply reboot the system and then provide authentication details (username and password) to connect.

The client program has a simple, familiar user interface similar to that of an anti-virus application. When you’re logged onto the VPN account, the different programs are displayed on the left side of the window while bar graphs and a tool bar are displayed on the opposite side. The graphs indicate both your premium and free traffic.

Users will also benefit from the company’s superior compression technology that allows for faster loading of websites although this may sometimes be dependent on your Internet connection speeds. Users have a variety of server options that allows for better usage of bandwidth to maximize performance.

There are many other added features that can make your online experience even safer and more enjoyable, including the anti-spy tool that increases privacy as well as the Data Safe feature for file protection.

Bottom line is that Cyberghost offers one of the best VPN services around at affordable rates and a range of features to guarantee peace of mind when surfing online.

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