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anonymous browsingAnonymous browsing allows Internet users to hide their identity and browse the Web in total freedom. The Internet is awash with all sorts of threats and unscrupulous individuals with different opportunistic intentions. Without protecting your identity, your online activities can easily be monitored. Website owners, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and other services on the Internet can easily determine your location by virtue of your IP address. Moreover, ISPs can log all your online activities including the websites you visited and the search terms you entered in search engines, among other things.

Thankfully, there’s a way around that; using a Virtual Private Network is the surest way to browse anonymously.

Why Browse Anonymously?

There are many reasons why many Internet users are opting to browse the Web anonymously. Firstly, many users choose anonymous browsing in order to avoid online stalkers. Typically, these are individuals or websites that can ‘see’ your IP address and other identifiable details and track all your activities on the Web.

Anonymous browsing can also prevent Internet censorship when trying to access certain websites. Restriction is normally based on user location. For instance, there’s heavy Internet censorship in several countries in Asia and the Middle East. In addition, many private websites restrict access to users living with certain borders. But with a VPN connection, you will acquire a new IP that not only helps you browse anonymously but also helps you bypass restrictions.

Another reason why users choose to browse anonymously is to avoid being tracked by their employees. Without a doubt, many employers implement various methods to track their employees’ online activities, particularly what they do on social networking sites., However, a VPN connection will hide your real identity so that you cannot identified using IP.

Some Internet users simply want to comment on blogs without disclosing their identity. Undeniably, some blogs are politically charged or sensitive and certain comments made on them may lead to users becoming ‘interested’ in the person who makes those comments. In other words, it’s easy to attract ‘enemies’ when commenting on highly charged blogs. For this reason and for their own safety, users who frequent such online forums prefer to stay anonymous.

What To Look For In A VPN Provider

While there are dozens of VPN service providers, only a handful of them take privacy and anonymity seriously. Thus, when selecting a provider, ensure the following:

  • A VPN provider should not perform any logging of users’ online activities (even the time and date you connect to the service).
  • They should accept anonymous payments and must take minimal details at registration.
  • They should allow users unrestricted Internet usage.

A VPN provider that restricts Internet usage is most probably monitoring users’ connections in one way or another.

If you want to ensure total anonymity, take measures to prevent your VPN provider from knowing your real identity, for instance by using a pseudo-anonymous payment system.

In all, true anonymous browsing is only achievable with a VPN service. When enlisting a VPN provider, take extra measures to hide your real identity so that you enjoy total online freedom.

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